We made an oral agreement with my father-in-law in 2011 and started paying the rent to own the house when they moved to St. Louis. We paid rent every month and paid extra for the acomphement for a few months, and they constantly threatened to put us out because things are not what they want. We have invested more than 60 000 people in this House, now my question is that if they break this agreement, can we get our money back? Today I received a call from an angry friend; Your landlord asked her to evacuate the property by Saturday (4 days away) because she doesn`t agree with the rent (I`ll spare you some sad details because that`s not the point of this blog post). Remember that there are several months left of the lease, so the lessor tries to terminate the rental agreement for the duration of the period. A contract is not a formal document with “agreement” or “contract” at its head – or it can be, but it doesn`t have to be. If you`re a landlord who wants help evacuating a tenant and doesn`t have a written rental agreement, you can go through here for free legal advice for landlords. No conditions. If you have a written contract, make sure you have read it before you sign it.

Courts are reluctant to get involved when parties with the same bargaining power have agreed on terms, especially when the parties are represented by law. Make sure you know what you`re signing up for! I rent the living room in a colleagues` house for me and my friend. We pay every week and have an oral agreement that we have to pay every week because it`s just the living room. Well, we had two weeks` notice and we still have to pay in the fortnight trial. Wouldn`t we have assumed we had 30 days` notice to leave? Please, I need answers! Sold my property about 12 years ago, when I rented it to the person who bought it, he had told the mortgage company that he lived in the property, but hr never lived in the property, all the mortgage letters went into the house, I was told that he must have lived in the property for a year, before he rented it He also didn`t have a rental certificate is a lease agreement necessary? The parties are not obliged to agree on any duration of a proposed contract before it can be binding. All essential conditions must be agreed and the agreement must not otherwise be uncertain, vague or ambiguous. Rental agreement I was told to go after living there for a year to repair the property and pay the rent and it was said that it would be ready to be to.me after the owner left, to me and two other people said the same thing now that the property is worth something and every terminal hour, that I put in the property.now I am asked to leave I have no place to walk I thought it was at home I need help and I know that money can help me it is so urgent everything I have owen and worked for in the account to lose Below your contract, in writing or not, you and your employer have certain rights and obligations….