“This severance agreement ensures significant wage increases over four years for hotel staff, implements protection against sexual harassment, enhances job security for kitchen and restaurant attendants, and maintains health insurance,” the union said on its website. “Our strike has brought about the changes we need in the hotel industry!” Harbour`s Pinnacle front roommate room guard Teresita Gonzalez said in a union statement. “I am very pleased with the reduction in the workload of the rooming guards. The job security we have gained is also great for our members, for our families and will keep our union strong. I am very proud of our members, we have welcomed this battle because of the rain and cold weather, and we feel united and strong with this interim agreement.┬áBefore the agreement, union president Zailda Chan told the straight that workers contribute to the prosperity of these hotels. There is no agreement at the Rosewood Georgia Hotel, where workers continue to pickeler The terms of the preliminary agreement have not been published, and it still requires a ratification vote by members. Today, unite Here Local 40, after a nearly four-week strike, announced a tentative agreement for 1,500 hotel employees in the city center. Please copy and paste this integration script to where you want to integrate it The day after NDP leader Jagmeet Singh entered the picket line in front of Westin Bayshore, the workers made a big breakthrough. The deal didn`t last long after the straight posted a story about a roommate in Westin Bayshore, Yleine Demasana.

In addition to the Westin Bayshore, the agreement also includes striking employees from the Hyatt Regency and Pinnacle Hotel Harbourfront, as well as employees of Four Seasons Vancouver. Please fill out this form, we will try to respond as soon as possible. UNITE HERE Local 40 has a diverse membership that includes workers from many immigrant communities and First Nations. The majority of UNITE HERE members are women. The B.C. Government and Service Employees` Union announced last week that it was providing a $3 million loan to Unite Here Local 40 so that it can continue to put pressure on the employer. In addition, the B.C Federation of Labour announced a boycott of all hotels behind the picket lines. . GET TOGETHER HERE! represents 50,000 workers across Canada and more than 250,000 workers in the U.S. and Canada who work in the hospitality, gaming, food, manufacturing, textile, linen and airport industries.

“I`m very proud,” Chan said at the time. “This strike has changed us all. It changed every striker on the strike line. She said to the hotel: don`t underestimate us. From Prince George to Victoria to Powell River, Vancouver, we are setting up a union to fight for hospitality workers in BC to earn respect and improve our jobs.