Some British pensioners have a dual right: they are exempt from the direct deduction policy and receive two public pensions – the UK National Insurance Pension and NZ Super – without any reduction. However, 99% of British migrants never learned or learned too late that they could qualify for both pensions through voluntary payments. Recent global economic volatility, uncertainty around COVID-19 and Brexit have made investors cautious, especially those living in New Zealand with British pensions. We have a specialist British pension transfer team with local and British knowledge of the market. They can advise you and help you transfer your UK pension continuously to NZ. We offer a free pension transfer information service that will help you understand your UK pension and the options available to you. The total amount of your New Zealand and foreign pensions is the amount you would have received if you had spent your entire life in New Zealand. You are required to apply for all overseas state pensions to which you are eligible under paragraphs 173-176 of the Social Security Act 2018. If you or your partner does not apply for a state pension for which you are entitled, you may lose your entitlement to a New Zealand benefit or pension. For the purposes of entitlement to benefits under New Zealand law, whether under New Zealand law or under the provisions of this convention, previous agreements or otherwise, a work disability pension paid under UK law is considered to be an accident benefit payable under New Zealand law.

> make sure they understand the basics of your UK retirement. Any dispute between the competent authorities of both parties regarding the interpretation or application of this agreement is resolved by mutual agreement between the competent authorities of each of the parties. This is whether your benefit or pension is paid in the UK to New Zealand or the UK. They received all of their New Zealand pension, in addition to any pension they could receive from the United Kingdom. However, the position changed in 1969, when the agreement between the United Kingdom and the NZ of 1956 was revised. Section 70 of the Social Security Act 1964 required that New Zealand pensions be reduced by the amount of pension paid into the social security system of another country, including the United Kingdom. As a general rule, you must have permanent residence or New Zealand citizenship to qualify for a New Zealand benefit or pension. If you are already receiving a benefit or pension in the UK or a benefit or pension from another country, you must disclose your work and income.

The rules governing international agreements are complex. You should talk to us to clarify your individual situation. For UK contact information, go to our overseas retirement agency contact information page. Note: If you have been in the UK or New Zealand for some time, you may be entitled to benefits or pensions that are not covered by the agreement.