Tufa and the university administration have accepted other letters (LoU), Memoranden (MoA, MoU) or Settlement Protocols (MoS) that contain common interpretations of certain sections of the collective agreement or that reflect agreements on related issues that are not explicitly considered by the parties in the negotiations. Such documents are our overall agreement with the employer. Individual transaction agreements are not published on the site. The collective agreement is intended to establish an orderly bargaining relationship between Trent University`s Board of Governors and its collaborators, represented by the Ontario Public Service Employees Union, to ensure the peaceful resolution of disputes and to conclude agreements on wage rates and other working conditions. We welcome you to get involved! Come to union meetings, party dinner and summer barbecue. Join a committee or be a steward. Updated Calendar A (to include salaries of twice):2019-2020, 2020-2021, 2021-2022 Pacakge offers information on the group benefits available through Trent University`s contract with Sun Life. MOA Online vs Remote Delivery MOA Sharing and Dissemination Policy TUFA Course evaluations during COVID-19 – Extension MoA re COVID and peer-review related issues MOA on Student Experience of Teaching Surveys MoA Summer SETS extension on MOU De Extensions MOA on the roll over of PEF and Flex Benefit accounts MOA on Allocation and Appeal of Teaching Duties TUFA Administrative Deadlines and Requirements In accordance with OLRB Certificate Numbere 2967-84-R; All part-time workers at Trien University were interested in doctrine, demonstration, private lessons, identification, rescue and, with the exception of collective bargaining workers, for whom a union had bargaining rights as of February 5, 1985, and people who are university students. According to the certificate number OLRB 1594-79-R; The amendments that were negotiated up to the 2019-2022 collective agreement are available on this website of useful information and resources.

Here is the most up-to-date copy of our collective agreement (see the link to the right of this article). Summary of the staff pension plan: The employee retirement plan, represented by OPSEU Local 365 and the non-administrative administrative staff of Trent University. The employer recognizes that the Union is the sole and exclusive bargaining partner for all trent University students who regularly work more than 24 hours a week as teaching assistants, academic assistants, markers, proktors, Lab Demonstrators or Lab Advisors in academic programs in Peterborough and at the Oshawa sites, with the exception of all employees for whom a union had bargaining rights on 17 March. – 1998. Changes in the salary scale are determined on the basis of an annual parity calculation and set on June 30 one minute before midnight. OPSEU Local 365 is the support workers` union on Trent University`s Symon campus in Peterborough Ontario and on the Durham GTA campus in Oshawa Ontario. We are made up of administration, buildings and services, computer science, library, scientific staff and secretariat in Trent.