b) the use of restrictions. The customer cannot decompile himself or through an agent or a third party: (a) decompinate: disassemble, re-edit or attempt to circumvent the source code or the underlying ideas, algorithms, structures or organizations of the delivery items, or (ii) prevent, bypass, remove, disable, disable or otherwise bypass the mechanisms of protection of the software in the components. , including, but not limited to, these mechanisms used to limit or control the functionality of delivery components (unless the above provisions do not apply to such activities should not be prohibited under existing legislation); (b) to sell, lease, under-concede, under-concede, distribute or make available all or part of the benefits to third parties or others; (c) modify or produce works derived from delivery components; (d) to use or reproduce the components of the delivery, unless expressly authorized by this agreement; or (e) use the delivery elements to provide processing services to third parties or to use delivery items for other purposes on the basis of a service office. The customer may not remove, modify, cover or conceal patents, copyrights, trademarks or other trademarks, labels or trademarks of the company or its licensees on or in the components of the delivery, and the customer may reproduce these communications, labels and marks on copies of the delivery item that the Customer makes as part of the authorized use of the delivery items in accordance with section 7.2 (a) of the customer. The customer must immediately inform the company of any unauthorized use, disclosure, reproduction or dissemination of delivery items that are made known to the customer or that the customer reasonably suspects. The customer is solely responsible for the purchase of all devices and their compatibility with the components of delivery and payment of all costs, including, but not limited, to all taxes and related costs or costs necessary for the use of the components of the delivery. 10.14 Full agreement. This agreement (including exhibitions and additions signed by both parties) contains the entire agreement between the parties regarding the purpose of this agreement and replaces any previous communications, assurances, agreements and agreements, written or written, on this subject.