Mauritian operators operating in the region are urged to use the online system to report NTBs that occur. The website lists the different types of NTBs that can be reported on the system. Once the complaint is registered in the database, it is recorded with a reference number. This reference number can be used to control who is responsible for managing the notified NTB and any specific results. The online system also publishes information on procedural, legislative or regulatory changes announced by Member States in the three RECs, so that all traders can remain informed at all times of the business requirements. Trade liberalization refers to the process of opening markets to international trade by reducing trade restrictions, including tariffs and non-tariff barriers to imports and exports of goods. The CDAA`s Trade Protocol (2005), as amended, provides for the creation of a free trade area in the CDAA region by 2008, and its objectives are to further liberalize intra-regional trade in goods and services. Ensure efficient production contribute to improving the climate for domestic, cross-border and foreign investment; economic development, diversification and industrialization of the region. Improved merchandise trade opportunities: The EPA guarantees access to the EU market without tariffs or quotas for Botswana, Lesotho, Mozambique, Namibia and Eswatini. South Africa enjoys new market access under the EU-South Africa Trade, Development and Cooperation Agreement (TDCA), which currently governs trade relations with the EU until October 2016 (when the EPA came into force on an interim basis, which lifted the trade component of the TDCA). The new access includes better trading conditions, particularly in agriculture and fishing, including wine, sugar, fish products, flowers and fruit preserves. The EU will benefit from new valid access to the southern African customs union (whose products include wheat, barley, cheese, meat products and butter) and will have the security of a bilateral agreement with Mozambique, one of the region`s LDCs. The online NTB monitoring mechanism is available on

Operators can report and directly monitor the removal of barriers in the COMESA, ABC and SADC regions. This new system increases transparency and facilitates the tracking of notified and identified NBS. This web-based NTB system is accessible to all economic operators, civil servants, scientific researchers and other interested parties. As part of its mission to strengthen trade between CDAA member states and external markets, the CDAA signed a trade protocol in 1996.