Harish V Nair of Times Now reported that while the Superior Court rejected the plea and asked the petitioners to relocate the Supreme Court, the Chief Justice of India SA Bobde, to whom the case was cited, said that the subject was very serious and that we had not heard of a political party in our limited experience that was reaching an agreement with a foreign country. The counter-attack on the Congress party and its leaders Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi also wanted the court to make the details of the agreement public. #Breaking MASSIVE TIMES NOW IMPACT NEWSBREAK. The Supreme Court questions the “MoU” of the Chinese Congress and says, “How can a political party sign moU with China?” TIMES NOW`s Harish with details. pic.twitter.com/UgdbdvIM9C The CPC`s ILD of websites speaks in its historical narrative that after the beginning of reform and openness, the CPC defined the lessons of past experience and defined the differences and relationships between party-state relations. Deng Xiaoping has repeatedly said that the two types of relations should be differentiated and that party-to-party relations should not be encouraged to influence relations between states. In 1997, the 15th CPC National Congress made it clear that its party-to-party relations should facilitate interstate relations. Jiang Zemin told the conference: “On the principles of independence, equality, mutual respect, non-interference in the internal affairs of others and to facilitate relations between states, the CPC is ready to maintain a new type of relations and cooperation with any foreign political party as long as it wants to be in contact with us.” Didn`t BJP President Amit Shah receive Minister Wang Jiarui in February 2015 with BJP Secretaries General Ram Madhav, Ram Lal, Bhupendra Yadav and the Head of foreign Ministry @vijai63? pic.twitter.com/45pp5OFTqc, who had attacked former Congress president Rahul Gandhi for his relentless aggression at the Centre over the LAC shutdown, BJP leader JP Nadda shared a timetable for questioning Congress and its alleged ties to China. Referring to the image of Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi, who reportedly signed a contract with the Chinese CCP, Nadda said they then ceded the land from India to China. He then recalled that Rahul had visited the Chinese Embassy when the Doklam crisis unfolded. MOUs are usually signed by governments and businesses, but the Congress party, which does so with the CCP, seems strange at best.

If some kind of agreement was signed with the Chinese, why wasn`t Prime Minister Manmohan Singh at the table? What kind of government has the UPA worked? The ILD is a ministerial-level agency that manages the party`s relations with foreign political parties, international political organizations and political elites abroad. The ILD maintains relations with more than 600 such groups in more than 160 countries and has enjoyed a significantly higher profile under Xi Jinping`s commitment to a “new type of party-to-party relations.” Rahul Gandhi, as Secretary General of the Congress, signed the exchange of youth delegations with Wang Jiarui – Minister of the International Division of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China.