The presentation of SPHN`s Data Transfer and Use Agreement (DTUA) provides for the transfer and use of data provided by a supplier to a non-profit third party that wishes to use this data for research purposes. This proposal aims to facilitate the exchange of data in Switzerland. SBP Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) Models provide for the transfer and use of biological materials or biological resources (i.e. biological materials and associated data) provided by a supplier to a non-profit third party wishing to use this material for research purposes. The models will be used by swiss Biobanking Platform (SBP) partners who adhere to the principles of governance of current ethical and legal requirements and comply with professional biobanking standards as set out in their biobanking regulations. Their use is limited to exchanges between academic institutions and is not suitable for exchanges between for-profit organizations. An MTA must be concluded between legal entities bound by the provisions of the treaty, and not between individual scientists involved in the transmission and associated research, since they may not be able to enforce contractual obligations. The GNC also provides a number of non-annexS I crops under the SMTA. If it is not possible to use the SMTA for Schedule I or non-annex I crops (e.g. B if the country of origin has set additional conditions or if the material is to be used for purposes other than research, livestock or training for food and agriculture), the GNC provides genetic resources under a material transfer agreement (MTA) containing additional conditions. The following models aim to facilitate the exchange of human or veterinary materials or resources between academic institutions in Switzerland. The project agreement is an interactive form that will only be opened and processed with Acrobat Reader.

For more information on SMTA and ITPGRFA, please visit the ABS Focal Point website. A formal statement on the legal status of the CGN collections and access to collections can be reached on the Access and Benefits Sharing page: Status of CGN Collections.