The services and programs funded by cdBG can be offered directly by the recipient of the local government CDBG or they can transfer the money to a subrecipient service provider. So talk to your local government, community action program or associated development organization to find out if CDBG-funded aid or other resources are available and what their qualifications are. The cdBG aid is aimed at low- and middle-income people and micro-enterprises (small businesses with five or fewer employees, one of which is owned). As of March 27, 2020 (the date of authorization of the CARES Act), the Landkreis-Boursiat or a sub-beneficiary serving cdBG-CV funds in the Landkreis may reimburse the beneficiary`s beneficiary beneficiary, as of March 27, 2020 (the date of authorization of the CARES Act), eligible costs incurred by the recipient or sub-recipient for authorized activities related to COVID-19. Funds must be spent in a timely manner to meet immediate needs. The recipient`s CDBG-CV contract will set the end date, which could be extended to June 30, 2022. Combined district formulas, PLUS $13 per LMI population, PLUS $1,000 for each consortial city or consortium (excluding beneficiaries) entity that supports the inhabitants of the watershed or manages the project. The first CDBG-CV1 allocation, amounting to USD 7.7 million, is granted to unauthorized municipal and regional governments of the CDBG (cities with less than 50,000 inhabitants and not part of a CDBG-claiming CDBG program in the urban area; and municipalities with less than 200,000 inhabitants without rights). CDBG-CV1 grants fund local utilities and micro-enterprise support programs; public health, emergency measures or temporary housing arrangements that have an impact on coVID 19 and grant management. This is the CDBG-CV1 Eligible Activities Guide (PDF). CoB-funded activities must benefit low- and middle-income people or meet national objective criteria that must be completed as a result of an emergency. A third division of the CARES Act should be distributed by HUD, on a rolling basis, to states and local authority units, at the discretion of the HUD secretary, to define HUD formula factors.

It is not clear whether the State of Washington will maintain some of these funds. Use ZoomGrants for submission for CDBG-CV1 GrantZoomGrants Candidate Slideshow CDBG-CV1 ZoomGrants App Overview Grant options are summarized below. Angesichts der Notwendigkeit, cdBG-CV-Mittel zu beschleunigen, Hat Commerce hat die CDBG-CV1-Zuteilungen nach Landkreisen (jede Stadtzuteilung, die mit der Zuteilung des Landkreiss added) in dieser Liste zusammengefasst und wird dieser kreisweiten Zuschussantrag des Landkreises adoption, es sei, die teilnehmenden St-dte in diesem Landkreis oder dem Landkreis etwas anderes.