Then your covenant will be annulled by death, and your agreement with Sheol will not be concluded; When the overwhelming scourge passes, it knocks you out. Acts 28:24And some agreed with what he said, but some had doubts. (BBE) Genesis 9:16And the bow will be in the cloud, and when I look at it, I will keep in mind the eternal concordance between God and every living being on earth. (BBE) Matthew 20:2And after making an agreement with them for one shilling a day, he sent them to his vineyard. (WEY BBE) Good deals (7 deposits). 1. (n.) an agreement between the parties on the sale of immovable property; or a contract by which a party agrees to transfer the right to property for …/b/bargain.htm – 9k Genesis 34:15There is only this condition that we will agree with you: If every man among you becomes like us and undergoes circumcision; (BBE) Genesis 34:23D, won`t their beasts, possessions, and all their animals belong to us? So let`s make an agreement with them so that they can continue to live with us. (BBE) The agreement. The treasure of the sacred hymn. Book CXII THE AGREEMENT first. OH MY GOD! I know and confess My sins are great and always reign: the most abominable and innumerable sins! /…/palgrave/the treasury of sacred song/cxii the agreement.htm Mark the Agreement of Prophet.

. . . Piece V. Marks the agreement of the Prophet with the Prophet. Marks the agreement of the Prophet with the Prophet. Go ahead too. /…/the works received and the fragments of Hippolytus/piece v mark the agreement.htm the extension and the duration have this subsequent coherence.

Romans 7:16 But if I do what I don`t care, I agree with the law that the law is good. (BBE) By the agreement of the evangelists Matthew and Luke in the. . Sermons on selected lessons from the New Testament. Homily I. From the convergence of the evangelists Matthew and Luke in the generations of the Lord. [LI. . /…/Sermons on Certain Lessons of the New Testament/Sermon i of the Convention.htm 4339. meshar — Righteousness, sincerity, justice. Law (1).

Agreement, just, which are equal, equality, things that are right, things that are sweet. From yashar; Accuracy, that is, (pictorial. Hebrew/4339.htm – 6k Romans 11:27And it is my agreement with them, if I take their sins. (BBE) 5287. Hupostasis – a support, substance, resistance, therefore. . 5287 (from 5259, “under” and 2476, “standing”) – in due form (to) hold a secured agreement (“deed of ownership”); (figuratively) “” to a promise or property. – 8k contract (3 deposits). 8. (vi) to enter into an agreement; the alliance; approve; negotiate; as a postage contract. 9. (a)contractually agreed; as, a contract.

10. …/c/contract.htm – Acts 8k Acts 15:15And this is consistent with the words of the prophets, as they say, (BBE VIN) Hebrews 9:20Sayage: This blood is the sign of the convention that God has made to you. (BBE) Hebrews 11:17Grace to faith, Abraham made a sacrifice of Isaac, when he was tested; and he with whom the agreement had been concluded abandoned as an offering for the Only Begotten Son of his Body, (BBE) the concordance of this teaching in its parts. 2. THE CONFORMITY OF THIS DOCTRINE IN ITS PARTS. Let`s compare the parts of this teaching, and we will discover in all. /…/arminius/the works of volume 1/2 of James arminius the concordance of this.htm 1 Peter 3:8The latter, see that you all agree; Feeling for each other, loving one another as brothers, compassionate, without pride:(BBE) Romans 4:18 In totally desperate circumstances, he believed, hopefully, to become the father of many nations, in accordance with the words “Your descendants will be so many.” (WEY) Genesis 9:12And God says: This is the sign of the agreement I make with you and you and with every living being with you for all future generations:(BBE) Genesis 9:15And I will keep in mind the concordance between you and you and every living being; and never again will there be a great river of water that will destroy all flesh. . .