(c) the ATO is as flexible as possible, taking into account the worker`s personal preferences and circumstances; 31.3 The purchase price of the leave is deducted from the purchaser`s 14-day salary in equal brackets over the pre-decade period provided before the leave: 13.3 ICAO recognizes the need for a supportive and flexible workplace to allow workers to combine work and family life. The agreement contains clauses that encourage and promote flexible and family-friendly practices, as well as access to part-time work, home work, parental leave and personal/care leave, which help workers balance family and family responsibilities. Workers entitled may receive unpaid parental leave if they have a child or adopt a child. Think about how you work with new parents to make sure your business can keep running during this time. 31.6 The authorization to register in the acquired leave system is subject to the operational requirements of the ICAO. 36.7 In order to allow for more flexible management of maternity leave, a worker may opt for the payment of her maternity leave (including the additional 4-week leave under section 36.3). Only the corresponding full payment period is considered a service. 50.1 ICAO provides employees and their families with access to confidential professional advice to help them resolve personal or work-related issues. Initially, staff will be informed of the availability of the Work Assistance Program (AAP). 25.1 ICAO recognizes that workers must balance their work life with other obligations, including family and community. This is recognized by the introduction of a number of flexible attendance schemes, leave rules and assistance programs. When applying flexible attendance regimes and other conditions of employment, ICAO and its staff will take into account the operational needs of ICAO and their effects on other workers in order to ensure equitable results.

Annual leave, also known as leave allowances, allows a worker to be paid during pay. Full-time and part-time workers receive 4 weeks of annual leave every 12 months. Vacations begin to accumulate on the first day the employee works and can take time off as soon as they accumulate it. 39B.1 Members of military service prescribed by the Veterans` Entitlement Act 1986 are entitled to additional sick leave while unable to serve due to a state of war or defence. A war-related state means an injury or illness of a staff member who has been designated as a cause of war or defence in accordance with applicable legislation. b) help workers balance their work with their personal obligations; 23.3 Employer contributions for aging are not paid on behalf of workers during periods of unpaid leave, which are not considered a service, unless required by law.