Applications for funding from Turkish companies are not accepted without the agreement of the Turkish government. The parties agree to develop a consultation procedure to ensure the coordination of their trade policies towards third countries and mutual respect for their interests in this area, particularly in the event of the subsequent accession of third countries to the Community or association with the Community. 1. Four years after the conclusion of this agreement, the Association Council is considering whether, taking into account Turkey`s economic situation, it can define, in the form of an additional protocol, the provisions relating to the conditions, detailed rules and timetables for the implementation of the transition period under Article 4 of the agreement. The conditions for the implementation of the provisions of this agreement in other areas in these areas will be set at a later date, by mutual agreement between the parties. Turkey first applied for membership of the European Economic Community (EEC) in July 1959, with the EEC established in 1958. The EEC responded by proposing the establishment of an association as an interim measure leading to full membership. This led to negotiations that culminated in the Ankara Agreement on 12 September 1963. [1] 2. This stage should not last more than twelve years, subject to such exceptions, which are made by many by mutual agreement. Exceptions must not impede the final creation of the customs union within a reasonable period of time. 1. For the purposes of achieving the objectives of this agreement, the Association Council has the authority to make decisions in the cases provided for.

Each of the contracting parties takes the necessary steps to implement the decisions taken. The Council implements the decisions taken. The Association Council can also make appropriate recommendations. The agreement, its additional protocol and the decisions of the Association Council are part of EEC law. The European Court of Justice has ruled that the Latter grant Turkish nationals and businesses special rights that EEC Member States must respect under EU law. 2) “agricultural products”: the products listed in Appendix II of the Treaty establishing the Community, which are currently completed in accordance with Article 38, paragraph 3, of the Treaty. In the event that the Community opens tariff quotas for products covered by Article 2 of this Protocol, Turkey is no less favourable than a country which is not presently agreed with regard to the tariffs to be collected under these tariff quotas. The rules and conditions relating to the extension to Turkey of the provisions of the Treaty establishing the Community on transport and the measures taken for the implementation of these provisions are set with due account of Turkey`s geographical location. . Projects for which applications are accepted are funded by loans. These loans can be granted up to a total of 175 million units of account that can be committed within five years of this agreement coming into force.