However, for now, the Interline agreement is the only confirmed partnership between the two airlines. While Air Italy`s official press release sounds as if the Interline agreement has already entered into force, Interline-Reisen is not yet available on the airline`s website or through online travel agencies (OTA). This is not the case if the two airlines you fly have an Interline baggage agreement. These agreements go to booking airfares with other airlines as well as accommodation for latecomers, but what we are interested in are baggage rules. AA also changes, but says they check your luggage, but they charge you both-Airlines fees. You are really the only airline you could claim is to extract something from more customers. Recently, Alaska Airlines added El Al to its list of partners. Alaska Airlines and El Al Frequent Travelers can earn miles to travel with both airlines, with the option of exchanging miles for travel with both airlines shortly. The only three airlines that allow you to check a bag from your departure city to the final destination for two different tickets are Alaska, Delta and United. Each of them only allows you to check the luggage of the airline`s partners. I remember years ago you could check a bag anywhere as long as you had a ticket.

Given Alaska Airlines` record of partnerships with many airlines, the airline`s recent Interline agreement with Air Italy raises questions about the ability of the two airlines to develop their partnership in the future. A strengthened partnership between the two airlines could allow members of both airlines to collect and exchange miles for travel with both airlines. We understand that you will sometimes have to book different parts of your trip on different airlines with separate tickets. If this happens, we cannot ensure that there is sufficient login time to transfer your luggage to your next flight. This leads to poorly connected pockets, which is not good for anyone. I`m a little confused. Suppose I fly from Tampa to Seoul via Atlanta. TPA at ATL is on Delta, ATL at ICN is on Korean Air.

There is a ticket and an itinerary, as both sky are airlines and they were purchased at the same time as an itinerary. Does this mean I should claim my bag in Atlanta and check for the next step? If, within 12 (12) hours of your arrival in the connecting city, you establish international connections with a separate ticket with other airlines, you may comply with the baggage and weight limits imposed by the international airline, provided there is a ticket and baggage contract between Alaska Airlines and the other airline. Alaska Airlines is not a member of a major airline. Instead, Alaska Airlines is working with dozens of airlines around the world to offer additional options to their passengers and alaska Air MileagePlan members. These partnerships have made Alaska Airs MileagePlan such a valuable and lucrative loyalty program. The Interline agreement allows passengers who book on Air Italy to travel to the following destinations: Cities of origin served by Air Italy included in the Interline agreement: We travel to Fairbanks, AK in June and will arrive with United Airlines in Seattle, WA and continue to Fairbanks with Alaska Airlines. Do the two airlines have an interline agreement or do we have to use our luggage and check it again? This is simply crazy, and the DOT should never have applied this rule (although many others are supported). I do not blame Alaska or other airlines.

An individual ticket also means a connective (i.e. connective) ticket. The conjunction tickets are sequential in number on the same ticket stick. It is not possible to compile tickets from different airlines.