Maegar Varn is the ruler of Dunsward, your neighbor to the east – an opportunist who claimed his crown by taking the initiative in a controversial country at the initiative of Jamandi Aldori. It will also warn you against another guest, Hannis Drelev or rather, Baron Drelev, your neighbor to the west. Unlike you and Maegar Varn, he was born in the title and considers competent “homines novi” like you with more than a little contempt. When you`re done with Jamandi, you`ll be able to attend the banquet that will be held in your honor, giving you the opportunity to meet other creators in Brevoy`s political quagmire. These include Lander, Maegar Varn, Natala Surtova, Joseph Sellemius, Ezvanki Keeg and Hannis Drelev. Your role is therefore to indirectly serve the interests of the Aldori by being a political counterweight to the Surtovas. While Brevoy could not claim controversial areas without provoking an international incident, an enterprising third party could. More importantly, once this new state has risen through the ranks, if it cracks (or at least remains neutral) with the Aldori by claiming independence from the Surtovas, it could prevent the Surtova from pursuing their claim to sovereignty. Of course, nothing prevents you from siding with the Surtovas, but Jamandi will make a rather casual threat to your baroness` future if you try such doublespeak. Still, plan something on . The event processing time is always the end of the current month. Golarion`s calendar is 12 months old and the number in parentheses according to the name of the month tells you usefully what it is. Each month has the same number of days as the corresponding month.

Sometimes the advisor you need for a particular event will deal with another for 10 days, and this is already the 20th Goobertober and what are you doing? Relax, if necessary, press a Golarion calendar on the Internet and press the “Skip the day” button until a consultant is free. Most events are repeated often, so if you miss one called an “opportunity”, it will reappear. Focus on those who say “problem”, as there will be penalties for ignoring this one.